Sabbatical Post 12–Does God have a sense of humor?

Not long ago a good friend of mine who knew I was planning to attend a major league baseball game said to me, “I’m not going to believe you went to the game unless I see a picture of a foul ball.”  To be honest, when I heard here say that I thought to myself, “Well, she’s not going to be convinced then because I have been going to baseball games of all kinds since I was about 4 years old and not once have I ever been the one to catch a foul ball.”  Fast forward to the Brewers Expos game we attended  not long ago.  My conversation with my friend had been long forgotten and the entire family was caught up in enjoying American’s favorite past time when all of a sudden a screaming foul ball came our way. It was not recovered by us but the gentlemen who did recover it, turned tour youngest son Levi and said, “Are you a Brewers fan?”  Well, technically we were in Milwaukee so we were rooting for the Brewers which allowed him to honestly say “yes I am.” Satisfied, the man handed him the foul ball with a smile.

After enjoying what had happened for a few moments and expressing our thanks to the man who had recovered the ball I suddenly remembered my friends need for proof. So, I promptly texted her a picture of the ball with just one word next to it. The word, “Proof!”  It was a fun time exchanging a few texts back and forth after that. I think both of us were very surprised!

Carol (my soul mate and my wife) commented following this experience, “Doesn’t God have a great sense of humor!”  She was referring to how it seems that God sometimes makes things happen that seem unlikely or impossible to us just to say to us, “And you thought I didn’t care about these kinds of things.”  It seems that not only does he care, but in amazingly small and seemingly insignificant matters he sometimes moves just to say to us, “Hey, I am a real person.  I love it when you have fun.  I like to provide for you in ways that show you that it’s not just about need, it’s about the fun and the desire of your heart as well.  It’s about joy and relationship and good times. It’s about abundant life and I’m in every little fun detail as well as the hard and difficult times as well.

After Carol made that comment I have to admit that I spent some time silently thanking God just for being who He is.  It was a time of worship at a professional baseball game.

My prayer is that God will give you that time of worship sometime today.  A time where you see him remind you that he’s there in every area of your life.  At time when he surprises you and you laugh with him and enjoy his sense of humor and then spend some time in worship no matter where you are.


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